Day 15: ABC to Camp 1

After another night in ABC we are now in Camp 1 (5.800) for a couple of nights before going down to BC for final rest before the Summit bid.

Camp 1 is placed on the ridge and just 400 lower than Camp 2. The terrain is very loose and the tents sit in a couple of man made platforms that our sherpas carefully made. Sleeping is difficult not only because the altitude but the rocks underneath us.

There are continuos stone avalanches in the near mountains reminding us where we are and the difficulty of our challenge. We are safe.

Today we had inspect the route to Camp 2 and tested our skills with the ropes. The terrain is difficult and involves climbing, rapels, traverses and jumaring… Our nest camp is located on top of a ridge with space for 5 tents only.

The main climbing problem is the Yellow Tower, a severe V route that leads to the Camp 2.

Tomorrow we will go back to base camp for final recovery before the Summit attempt. Camp 1 to BC is a 4 hour walk.


3 thoughts on “Day 15: ABC to Camp 1

  1. Pepe a por ello, se que puedes y que lo vas a disfrutar como nunca. Y muchas cervezas que nos vamos a tomar con tanto que tendras que contar.
    Un fuerte abrazo amigo mio!!


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