Day 16: Yellow Tower and back to Base Camp

I think we had enough of Camp 1 so we decided to go back to Base Camp and rest as much as we can before the Summit Bid. There is not much for us to do in Camp 1 and we are sufficiently acclimatised to force another night at 5,800m.

The tents are located in a ridge, and although there are well protected from the wind, the rocks above are a bit fragile and we have a constant paranoia about the wall collapsing on us over night (altitude related!)

Today we climb all the way to the Yellow Tower, a massive granite mixed wall just below Camp 2.

There is a small climb to descent from C1 but we managed it quickly to be back in Base Camp in 4 hours.

Movie night tonight, sit down dinner and a good night sleep lays ahead of us.


One thought on “Day 16: Yellow Tower and back to Base Camp

  1. I learn so much from each of your posts even though I read and researched as though as I was preparing a PhD on your mountain adventure. The more you update your expedition diary the more I realise that not even a minute of my own paranoia was ungrounded. I am grateful that you and everyone on the team returned home safely.


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