Day 18: Life at Base Camp

Another day in BC awaiting for the perfect conditions to initiate our Summit bid. Once the window is clear we will go to Camp 1 (4-5 hours) and the following day straight to Camp 2 for our early night summit attempt.

Life in Base Camp is just great! Except for the frozen conditions during the night (average -10 C) once the Sun hit my tent around 07:00 AM life starts to be good.

First thing is breakfast together with the rest of the team (mess tent) and then a quick shower, washing clothes, walk down to the TeaHouse (30-40 min) to check if there is any phone signal today, back up for lunch, a bit of siesta, then back to TeaHouse to send some emails, back for tea, write, read and dinner at 17:30, cinema night and going to bed at 20:00 (usually 18:30)…

Our minds are now preparing for the Summit and everyone is taking some quiet time today to prepare the climbing gear, re-study the route (again) or simply practising the Jumar with the big mitts gloves on.



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