Day 19: Summit Bid tomorrow

We were waiting for the last 4 days a window of decent weather for our summit bid and today we agreed to attempt the summit on Sunday AM.

Tomorrow we leave BC early in the morning to sleep in Camp 1, and then Saturday Camp 2 for an early attempt on Sunday.

This time we are not using Camp 3 because the poor conditions of the snow ridge makes it quite unestable so from Camp 2 it is.

I estimate a 9 to 10 hour to the Summit and 3-5 hours to get back to Camp 2, but conditions can change the plans. In any case we are starting the climb at 04:00.

 pg_amadablam Image courtesy of

4 thoughts on “Day 19: Summit Bid tomorrow

  1. Reach the summit and feel the achievement !! All of us in Spain are looking forward to your safe return.


  2. Hola Pepster! Looks amazing and so exciting.
    Good luck to you all, stay safe and remember to leave the HiFX flag at the top!!!
    Els 🙂


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