Nepal Earthquake AppealJustGiving - Sponsor me now!

This is my personal appeal responding to the devastating earthquake, raising funds for CAN.

Community Action Nepal (CAN) community-action-nepal_logohas been working with remote mountain communities in Nepal for 20 years – building and running rural health posts (13), schools (8), porter welfare shelters (3) and community projects. CAN is a highly respected NGO and INGO among both local Nepali communities and the Nepalese Government Agencies.

What is CAN? 

CAN is a mountaineers’ charity to help mountain people to help themselves raise their standard of living and strengthen indigenous, community-based culture.

Where does CAN function? 

CAN operates mainly in the Middle Hill Regions of Nepal from where the majority of the porters originate. It is the porters who make it possible for walkers and climbers to enjoy the Peaks and Passes of Nepal.

How CAN will respond and helpJustGiving - Sponsor me now!

Governments and agencies equipped for disaster relief and management (such as the Red Cross, Oxfam etc) are best placed to handle the immediate relief, rescue and help in Kathmandu.

This, however, is short term help. The role of CAN will be for the long term support, rebuilding and rehabilitation of  remote mountain communities. It is able to do this because of it’s tried and tested ways developed over 20 years  of ‘getting things done’ in Nepal. CAN’s office  staff in Kathmandu, headed by Murari Gautam, have proved to be second to none in their efficiency and dedication. CAN ensures that all donations go out to the project areas without any deduction for administration costs here and in Nepal, are covered separately from sales and auctions at lectures and events held  in the UK.

 More information about CAN visit:

You can donate directly to CAN via

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